Jeremy & Sandra Swan Peru Mission Support

May 25, 2023 to June 24, 2023
Lima, Peru/ Iquitos, Peru/ Cuzco, Peru
The Lord is leading our whole family to a month-long mission trip to Peru. We will travel to Peru to meet with different churches such as Cuzco(Andes), Lima(City), and Iquitos(Jungle). We will be staying the majority of the time in Cuzco serving alongside our missionary friends and the different ministries there is, such as Widows MInistries, Children's, Youth, Women, and Men Ministries. We will be also doing evangelism in the center of Cuzco. Our kids will have the opportunity to serve in different areas in the church as well as share the love of Jesus to those around them. Our desire as a family is to seek God's will for our next season/step and see if Missions outside the United States is something should strive for long term.

Peru's religion is Catholicism but there's also a New Age Movement because of the diversity of people (Tourism). This will be an opportunity to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with the Peruvian people as well as to seek His plans for our family for the next season. We are so excited about this trip, will you consider sharing this opportunity with us as the Lord leads you to pray and/or give?